Pressure Washer Fish Cleaning

Apparently pressure washer fish cleaning is a thing now?  The video below shows my new favorite person cleaning a salmon with his household pressure washer.  Do you think the high powered pressure washer would damage the fish meat and severely decrease it’s quality?  If you are going to try this, remember to do so in your neighbors driveway and not yours.

Shark Capsizes Kayak

Kayak Angler Ben Chancey was fishing off the coast of Stuart, FL when he hooked into a Giant shark which preceded to drag him all over the ocean and eventually capsize his kayak.  After swimming for his life he was able to get back on the kayak and land the shark.

All I Wanted Was a Picture

A video titled “Funny Selfie With Tuna” surfaced on YouTube showing a man trying to hold a school sized bluefin tuna while his mate snaps a picture.  The fish was not having it, as you can see in the video.  Has this ever happened to you?  Post your stories in the comments!